• Gemac Impex has emerged as a bright spot in oem and global after market manufacturing and export for passenger cars,truck and trailer suspension and associated industry parts.
  • As a pivotal requirement of vehicle safety and riding comfort ,suspension parts made by Gemac Impex are designed and engineered to fulfil the required functional specifications. The products are designed with best of material configurations and design characteristics.
  • Gemac Impex rubber to metal and fabricated sheet metal parts are reversed engineered to strictly match the OEM design and specifications using the same material to suit specific vehicle tuning.
  • Gemac’s anti-vibration control products are designed to give ultimate riding comfort to the passenger. With best of the designing ability & reverse engineering capabilities Gemac’s vibration control products aim at optimizing various components of Noise , Vibrations and Harmonics for smoother performance while driving without compromising vehicle handling and driving fatigue.
  • Gemac Impex has developed an extensive range of products which matches the global safety and performance standards.

Rubber & Metal Bonded Rubber

Engine & Transmission & Radiator & Gear Mounts


Torque Rods

Cabin Mount

Straddle Mount

Torque Rod Bushes

Insulator Pads

Fan Hubs

Load Cushions

Sheet Metal Fabrication



Fixed Rods



Bolt Kits


Pin Assembly

Washer & Nuts

16 tonne Trunnion Brass bush

Bronze Bushes

Air Tanks


Machined Components

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